Heroes Realm Slots

The name of the game isHeroe's Realm Slot. The game is all about fighting the undead.

Popular culture and the media have made a lot of creations about the undead. Game of Thrones features the White Walkers. These are dead people that live beyond the Northern wall. They answer to the Night King. The White Walkers and the living are currently very much at war in Game of Thrones. Sleepy Hollow is a story about a headless horseman who terrorizes a town in the Hudson Valley. The concept of the undead also has worked it's way into video games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil. These are popular survival horror games. A zombie mode can even be found in the Call of Duty video game series. There have been zombie runs in some cities. This is a 5K. However, the participants are given lives. If a zombie touches them that means they lose a life. The objective in a zombie run is to reach the finish line without losing all of your lives.

The theme involves fighting. Thus, it is logical that weapons would be incorporated as slot machine reel symbols. Huge swords, shields, and a flail all are in the game. Winning in a slot machine entails making your wager and hoping that matching symbols appear on the pay line.

Great Bonus Feature

Crossed swords are the free spin symbol in this game. The neat thing about free spins is that they allow you to potentially add to your winnings without having to wager more.

One really great feature in this game is that there is a bonus round. This mode inside the slot machine offers the potential to win without having to wager. The game is unlocked when three skulls pop up on the pay line. You are given a choice of which hero you want to go into battle against the undead. You have to move your character around a landscape. Defeating the enemy is accomplished by clicking on targets. If you, the online casino gambler, defeat enough undead monsters the game lets you take on their leader for a chance at winning the big bonus.

The game is very user friendly in the sense that there is only one pay line. It has three reels. You simply have to click spin and focus on hopefully achieving a winning combination. This game will appeal to fans of zombies and gamblers. Go to where you like to play your online casino games. Play the game Heroe's Realm Slot today.