Loco 7's Slots

Spicy Slot machine is all about Mexican culture. It features a mariachi singer with a guitar. Prior to the arrival of Cortes the music of Mexico, played with rattles, drums, reed and clay flutes, and conch-shell horns, was an integral part of religious celebrations. Quickly, however, as Christianity spread, in many areas these instruments gave way to instruments imported by the Spanish: violins, guitars and harps, brass horns, and woodwinds. The roots of the Mariachi go back hundreds of years. It was the music of country people; music that celebrated the joys, the struggles, and the triumphs of the Mexican people. The Mariachi was a version of Spanish theatrical orchestra containing violins, guitars, and a harp.

The game also features hot peppers. Some of you may like spicy foods and peppers like jalapenos. Others may not. However, it is a slot machine so you don't have to worry about having to reach for a glass of water like in the real world. The bar makes an appearance in this game. This symbol is very popular in the world of gambling in the sense that it is often seen in slot machines online and in brick and mortar ones.

Magical Mexican Fun Awaits

The first thing to consider about Loco 7's is that it is a fun theme right off the bat. It takes place in a Mexican desert. The slot machine reel symbols incorporate the theme. The numerical digit 7 appears as one. A trio of sevens is also a reel symbol. Both are colored yellow and red to symbolize hot. Chili peppers are part of the fun in addition.

The objective of a slot machine is to hope that matching reel symbols pop up on the pay line. These reel images can potentially form winning combos for you. One feature in the game is auto play. This allows you to pre-set the amount that you wish to wager in advance. Sometimes folks do not like to have to keep manually pressing spin and like to kick back and enjoy their gambling session.

The developers of this game deserve credit for coming up with an original theme. Mexico has a wonderful and rich history This history goes from the Aztecs to Cortes to the Alamo to the modern era with the current debate over President Trump's border wall. The game has fun music, innovative graphics and offers different ways for online casino gamblers to potentially win.

Check out this slot for some hot excitement!