Golden Gorilla Slots

This game's title is Golden Gorilla. This game combines jungle adventure and gambling for a memorable gaming experience.

Popular culture and the media have made a lot of creations about gorillas and jungle creatures. The most famous would be King Kong. Perhaps, you saw the recent Kong Skull Island which took the Kong story and put a Vietnam era twist on it. The classic story of Kong follows an actress and a film crew going to a remote island to film. The actress is captured by native warriors who are prepared to sacrifice her to the giant ape Kong. The crew captures Kong and journeys back to New York to show him in an exhibition. The creature ends up escaping and going on a trail of rampage which climaxes with his ascent up the Empire State building. The game also has a nod to Jurassic Park with its inclusion of dinosaurs.

The reel symbols are related to the theme. They include a blue ape, the actress, a hunter, an ancient statue, a snake, an egg, a flower and fruit. Winning is accomplished when matching symbols appear consecutively on the same pay line.

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There are a few larger reel symbols to keep an eye out for. The potential is there for a larger payout with these reel symbols. One is a gold coin. Another is an angry purple ape. The final two include a saber tooth tiger and a dragon.

A player friendly feature in the game would be the two free spin rounds. The first is the bonus round. Three or more light orange dragons triggers this mode. The second one to keep an eye out for would be the super round. The symbol that unlocks this is a golden gorilla with red in one hand and blue in the other. The free spins range from 15 to 50.

One convenient feature in the Golden Gorilla slot machine game would be autoplay. This allows players the option of setting their wagering amount in advance. Some folks might not want to have to press spin for every single time. The game simply plays itself using this option.

You can journey to an exotic jungle without having to worry about snakes, bugs or restless natives. Go to the site where you gamble online. Play the game Golden Gorilla. You'll be pounding your chest like the king of the jungle Tarzan in no time!